Sine – Stupid Minds

On the 26th January 2018 Sine Music will be releasing SINE’s new single “Stupid Minds“. The single will be available at all well-known download stores. SINE’s musical journey continues with “Stupid Minds“. After the very successful albums “Ruhepol“ and “Tiefblau“ that mainly contained instrumental tracks, SINE aka Thomas Hauser picked up the singing mic for the first time. Besides the catchy piano melodies, groovy and relaxed beats and acoustic guitars it’s the vocals that give the song its special and unique sound. „For me it’s still most exciting mixing electronic sounds with acoustic instruments and creating something new by this.“, SINE says. The single offers a original and radio version and also an acoustic version, played and sung by SINE himself. The journey continues. Never …


On the 11th of November 2016 SINE will release his next album called “Tiefblau” (in English Deep Blue). It will be available on CD and online at all well-known download stores. SINE’s great passion for the oceans in this world lies in every tone of “Tiefblau”. Dive into the music and go with the flow !


“Ruhepol” is the perfect album to let this year fade away in the most relaxed way. If requested you can have the additional photobook that contains 36 photos taken by Thomas Hauser. 36 photos you can dream yourself away with in snow covered landscapes but also onto Mediterranean beaches. Photos from the whole year and every possible place. They only have one thing in common: tranquillity.